Your flowers will be dry in 1-2 weeks! The following information will walk you through everything available to help in making your Floral Preservation Art choices! Be inspired by looking through the Idea Gallery for ideas!
I will need to know:

  1. Size of Art

  2. Art Style

  3. Background Color

  4. Frame Color

  5. Keepsake Choices (Optional)


1. Size of Art - Standard Sizes and Prices


Prices are determined by the frame size and include taking the bouquet apart, pressing the flowers, color enhancement, the actual art, vacuum sealing, Conservation Glass with 98% UV protection and framing.  There is no extra charge for adding 1 item with the flowers. (Extra items $40 each)

 ~Your deposit will be subtracted from total.

 ~Shipping, if needed, is not included.


    Rectangle Frames:    

  • 8x10    $550 *       

  • 11x14  $650 *       

  • 12x16  $750 *     

  • 16x20  $850 * 

  • * Deduct $50 Discount for Pre-Booking    

  • Oval Frames, add $90.00

  Square Frames   (Not Available in Barnwood Frames)

  • 8x8      $495 *

  • 10x10  $595 *

  • 12x12  $695 *

  • 16x16  $795 *

  • 20x20  $895 *

  • * Deduct $50 Discount for Pre-Booking


2. Art Styles  


Flowers Only


should live forever.

Your bouquet should last as long as your memories do. Celebrate your special day with heirloom artwork as beautiful & unique as you are.

Your bouquet should last as long as your memories do. Celebrate your special day with heirloom artwork as beautiful & unique as you are.

Flowers with One Item (Items must be flat)
Flowers With Additional Items

First added item included in price +$40 for each additional item


3. Background Colors      (Don't see a color you like? Let's talk!)

White  #1610

Dark Gray #1576

Black #1577

Dawn Gray #1574

Ivory #1588

Neutral Gray #1101

True Red #1612

Pastel Pink #1605

Naples Yellow #1649

Aruba #1642

Lapis Blue #1626

Sage  #1631

Sable #1562

Sunset Clay #1675

Majestic Purple #1661

Cherub Pink #1645

Chamois Gold #1663

Sky Blue #1646

Tuscany Blue #1512

Avocado #1555

Nutmeg #1584

French Lilac #1670

Barely Pink #1672

French Jonquil #1678

Clear Water #1682

Barely Blue #1665

Gecko #1519

Beige #1174

Moroccan Spice #1525

4. Frame Options

Rectangular Frames - These frames are included in the price, however, you may provide your own, pending Pressed Garden approval.




Brushed Silver



Faux Barnwood

Oval Frames
I will be happy to create oval shaped art for you!  Lets talk about it!
5. Keepsakes

Keepsakes are add-on items and only available with the purchase of framed art.


                     Rose Petal Pendant:  $50            Glass Confetti Pendants: $20

                        Made from the best rose petal!           Made from bits of flowers/ribbon. 

                                                                                          Choose heart or tube!


                                                          Petal Earrings: $40

                                           Beveled Glass Ornaments: $50

                                 Ornaments made from left over petals & leaves.

               Choose from 3 shapes ~Background is paper ~ Back is velvet paper.

                                   Not recommended for hanging in the window!




                                               5x7" Framed Pressed Flower Art $195

                                   Great for Corsages, Boutonnieres, Thank You Gifts, etc!

                     This is an add-on item.  Only available when purchasing larger framed art.

                                  Framed, using UV Glass & Vacuum Sealed, just like the larger art.

                                         For Frames & Background Colors Available, Scroll Up.




                              Made from left over petals & leaves. Always no charge!

                                   All unused pressed petals will also be returned.

                                                              Gift Certificates

     Available for any amount and make a unique gift for Wedding, Anniversary, Quinceanera,

                                 New Baby Birthday, or to honor a loved one in a Memorial.

Let me know if you have any questions!  Email or call me with your selections.  I will issue a Pay Pal Invoice.  When that is paid, I will order your supplies and get you on the schedule! Your Floral Preservation Art should be done within 2-4 months of placing your order, depending on the time of year.  ~Annie
Thank you for this opportunity to preserve your precious flowers!

Annie Smith, Pressed Garden

Studio: 765.215.9528    /

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