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Your bouquet preserved as a masterpiece.

Inspiration for Your Floral Preservation Heirloom


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Creation of your floral heirloom begins here!

Signature Collection

Combine your wedding portrait with your flowers!

Frequently Asked Questions


Additional Keepsakes to cherish forever.

Storing Packing & Shipping Instructions

Printable Instructions for shipping your flowers.

Recommended Flowers

List to help you plan your fresh flower bouquet.


Customers share their Pressed Garden experience.

Displaying your Bridal Bouquet

Caring for your Floral Preservation Art

From The Owner


"I have been preserving bouquets for more than 16 years
and do business on a national basis.

Not only is Pressed Garden my job, but it's my passion.

Let me make your wedding bouquet and special event flowers

into something as unique and memorable as you are."


Annie Fentz Smith, Owner

Member of Texas Floral Association

Member of Worldwide Pressed Flower Guild

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